Accidents driving under the influence of alcohol

An intoxicated driver crashed against you?

An accident with a driver under the influence of alcohol and intoxicated cries to punish the person who negligently caused the accident after drinking too much. However, if you or a family member was injured or the victim of a wrongful death what you need is monetary compensation for their losses.

The personal injury lawyers have obtained monetary compensation to thousands of victims – pedestrians, passengers and drivers. We are familiar with the legal issues in these cases

Accidents caused by intoxicated drivers

We know that drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol are generally much more serious than other motor vehicle accidents. Intoxicated drivers often collide with other cars, or drive invading the line the other car and even sober drivers fail to pull off the road. In such accidents, we seek compensation for injuries (permanent injuries, broken bones, and tissue injury), lost wages, and pain and suffering.

You may also be able to obtain compensation punitive under certain circumstances.

If the intoxicated driver was uninsured (and has no assets), we try to cover through its own insurance policy drivers or uninsured motorists or through the Victim Compensation Fund of Maryland.

Maryland law generally does not make it possible to sue the restaurant, bar or the person who served the alcohol, unless the person drunk driving a car less is old or has been found completely intoxicated.

If you, a friend, your spouse or a family member was the victim of an accident for driving under the influence of alcohol or was a passenger in a car with a drunk driver. You should not be punished for the fault of a drunk driver.