Alcohol and drug screening tests in the driving test

The DGT provides that examiners may realizable Alcohol and Drug tests students before making their practical driving test

The DGT has announced a new proposal that will affect the practical consideration of future drivers. This new proposal, launched as a pilot in some Spanish provinces from February consist perform drug tests and Breathalyzer students before taking the practical driving test.

This proposal, although it seems that directly affects students directly relevant to the examiners themselves who will be responsible for making such tests. In this case, instructors are mere accompanying students during the examination as has been done so far.

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The reaction of the examiners themselves has been somewhat critical to this development and emphasize that this will cause some reluctance between the examiner collective perplexities caused by.

The purpose no longer make future drivers trained and responsible drivers. Breathalyzer tests and drugs is something that sooner or later they will have to face all drivers and have the possibility of having a first contact in the practical driving test makes become aware from minute one.

In this case, unlike what happens to an experienced driver who tests positive in any of these tests will not have more impact than postpone the practical examination itself. You cannot apply the regulations in force lacking, at that moment, driving license.

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The fact that a driver is aware of the consequences of drug use or alcohol when driving is going to be paramount for safe drivers and aware of the dangers that exist behind the wheel.

So important it is familiar with alcohol or drug test as it is familiar with the effects that suffering behind the wheel intoxicated or having consumed drugs.

Thanks to the inclusion of the simulator in student learning and the possible incorporation of alcohol or drugs test in the practical examination, the student gets better form in all areas of driving.

The simulator recreates situations where the student is in danger of jeopardizing their life and that of those who at the moment are virtually on the road with him. In this way it is aware of how dangerous it is to drive under these conditions and learn to be responsible for his actions.