Avoiding a traffic stop for DUI

Let’s face it, if you are taken, do not drive. I’m sure you do not want to hurt someone or get hurt in an accident. She does not want him arrested, spending time in jail, lose your license, pay huge fines, or maybe even lose his job.

Said that, at one time or another most of us have had a few beers before taking the wheel. The problem is that once you are arrested just a trace of alcohol on his breath for being arrested for driving while intoxicated. The most people do not realize that very little is needed to exceed the legal standard of 0.08% level of blood alcohol (BAC English). For an average-sized person, three or four drinks could be enough to get into the category of “Driver in Drunk”. However, just a cop says you was “inconvenient state” even when their level of alcohol in the blood is below the legal level, so you end up with a conviction of guilt for driving while intoxicated.

How can you avoid ending nightmare involved in a DUI? Well, could I manage to avoid completely taken. However, if you choose to drink and drive, there are a number of things that can decrease the likelihood of being arrested and charged with an offense of driving taken.

Your Vehicle – Police officers need a sufficient reason to make a traffic stop. That reason could be a visible defect in the vehicle safety equipment. How can you reduce that risk? Once every three weeks turn on the lights of your vehicle, check its front, rear, brake and directional lights. Repair the broken windshield and do not forget the light plate it is a favorite of the police!

Your Driving – Obviously, disobeying traffic rules is a good way to attract the attention of the police. Handle speeding, disobeying the signs, not completely stop at a high and not use the seat belts are situations that can be controlled. Also, avoid driving at night in areas where there are many bars.

He was arrested, now what? – Stop in a safe place. Roll down your window and ventilate the passenger compartment. Be kind, but especially not accept responsibility for anything. Any admission, however inconsequential it is, will be used against you.