Forms for Guardianship

Obtaining guardianship of a minor can be a tedious process. In some states like Arizona, Washington and Minnesota, there are a dozen forms to fill out to start the guardianship. Other areas have different packages for limited guardianship and complete, or temporary and permanent guardianship.

It is recommended that you consult with family and probate court in the county where the child to make sure the proper forms are filled lives.

Limited guardianship forms

The limited guardianship is usually initiated by the child’s parents. To legally assign a limited guardianship, the parent must have legal custody of the child. In the limited guardianship the guardian is not allowed to consent to marriage or adoption.

The requirements for limited guardianship are: Petition for Appointment of limited guardian, Plan setting limited guardianship, DHS background check, social history of child custody, Declaration of the party requesting child custody, form of parental care and Declaration of inquiry.

Forms Full guardianship

Anyone can get full custody of a child, provided that person meets certain criteria. This category allows the guardian to consent to marriage or adoption. The following forms will need to procure full guardianship: Petition for Appointment of Guardian of a minor background check DHS, Social History of child custody, Declaration of the party requesting child custody, Declaration inquiry and Acceptance of Appointment.

Form of annual report

Once custody is granted to the petitioner and the child is finally in custody, you will be asked to submit a form tutor annual report. The purpose of this form is to update the court about the child’s welfare. The annual report form is called the guardian of the child’s condition.

Termination of guardianship

If for any legitimate reason you decide to end your protection, you must request permission from the court. Complete the Request to terminate or modify the guardianship and submit to the court. A hearing will be scheduled.