How Do I File alimony

The judicial procedure presupposes the negation of the obligation that must provide food, and begins with the filing of the demand for alimony, in the same order of filing the judge will set a provisional pension, whose immediate effects he will start taking immediately in the wage paid to the defendant in their jobs by the defendant, that the new amendments to the Civil Code in the States, taking into consideration the arguments in the lawsuit, and was formally required to to answer the complaint, and at the end of the trial a final board (this may be higher or lower than the provisional) was decreed.

Noteworthy in that what should be tested in the trial is:

  • The relationship between food and asking who has the duty of giving.
  • The necessity of asking food.
  • The economic capacity that has the obligation to provide food.

Below is just the case:

  • Presentation of the demand for alimony to a Court of the Family.
  • The judge fixed the provisional pension to ensure enough food for or minors.
  • Location of the defendant to court to argue on their behalf.
  • Development of judgment (answer to the application, presentation of evidence, pleadings and judgment).

At sentencing, the pension shall be final; it can increase or decrease the amount that was designated temporarily.