How to address a letter to a lawyer

Write a letter to your lawyer is as simple as writing a business letter or business. The only difference is that you must be sure to include several ways for you to contact you and give you the information you request. For the rest, follow the same rules you would use if it were a business letter.


  1. Include your return address. This can be in the top header similar to that usually appears in much of the material business stationery. You can also start writing your return address just to the right of the center of the page. In today’s technological era, so be sure to include your home phone number mobile as well as your email address. Most likely you want the attorney can contact you easily, to answer your questions or help with legal issues.
  2. Enter the date. Specifies the month instead of using an abbreviation. The day should start at the left margin of the page. Leave two blank lines between the sender’s address and the date.
  3. Go to the lawyer. Find out the name of the lawyer you need to contact. If possible, avoid head the letter with phrases like “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Lawyer.” You must also find out whether the person is male or female. There are many neutral names like Kelly, Taylor or Carter. Regarding treatment of Mrs. or Miss, Lady uses unless you know the person well and know what she prefers. For men, use “Mr.” For women, use “Ms.”.
  4. Skip two to four lines, depending on the length of your letter. (If possible, your letter will fit on a page). Write the name of the lawyer you’re writing the letter, starting from the left margin. On the next line, write Attorney or Legal Adviser, followed by the name of the law firm and address.
  5. Write a greeting for your formal letter to a lawyer. Use “Dear” or “Dear” followed by “Mr.” or “Mrs.” with the name of the person, as in “Dear Mr. Gonzalez.” After the name, write two points.