How to file a complaint with the Labor Committee in New York

Before filing a complaint with the Department of Labor New York, make sure the situation is an accepted cause of action and you understand the important laws. The Labor Department does not accept anonymous complaints; you must log in to submit a complaint. However, it is against the law for an employer counterattack against an employee for filing a legitimate complaint.


  1. Review the causes of action that apply to file a complaint with the Department of Labor New York State Department visiting questions frequently the site of the department. The common causes of action include health and safety complaints, complaints of minimum wage and overtime complaints.
  2. Build your case by gathering evidence of your complaint, such as pay stubs poorly performed, communications with the pattern or evidence of coworkers supporting evidence.
  3. Locate the correct complaint form on the site of the Department of Labor. A complaint form PW4 employees and other specific for unpaid wages and other causes of action.
  4. Fill the complaint form providing all the information requested on your employer and your work. You can ask your colleagues to help you determine the information required for some questions.
  5. Attach your document to any complaint, including a copy of your pay stub, a daily work or other evidence. Deliver the completed form and adds evidence to hand in the office of the nearest district, which can be located on the last page of the complaint form.

Tips and Warnings

  • Those who are not employees may also file complaints with the Department of Labor of the State of New York.
  • Depending on the nature and severity of your problem, you can contact a lawyer before filing a complaint with the Labor Department in the state of New York.