How to file a formal complaint against a doctor

You can file formal complaints against a doctor who was negligent or has treated their patients inappropriately. If you file against a doctor, the options you have will depend on the nature of the claim and the compensation you intend. As a first step, express your concerns directly to the doctor.

If they cannot resolve the issue through direct communication, you can contact the office, clinic or hospital where you attended and request information about the grievance process. Other options include a complaint directly to the local medical board, the Better Business Bureau (Office of Consumer Assistance) or websites.

Fill out the complaint form

Fill out a complaint form with information about the incident and the health care provider, including names and contact information of all parties involved. You can download this form from the website of the state medical board. If necessary, you may attach additional sheets to provide more details on the circumstances. It is important to explain why you think that the treatment you received was not adequate, which violated the Medical Practice Act (Act regulating the medical profession) or the doctor or the rest of the staff acted unprofessionally. You may also want to submit records to the medical board to facilitate research.

State medical board

Document your experience by state medical board to help prevent others from becoming victims of medical negligence. All registered complaints remain records public. Access the website of the state medical board for information on the rules and guidelines. Request a copy of the records of the physician that contain information on its findings regarding your situation includes all the data about the visit.


Over 40 web sites offer consumers to evaluate the possibility of their doctors. These pages give patients a proactive role with regard to health care. However, some doctors ask their patients to sign an agreement that prohibits them from posting negative comments about the professional in public places.

Better Business Bureau

Visit the website of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​Home to find out if someone has filed complaints against the doctor. It is not necessary that the physician is credited to the BBB to get a report.