How to get free legal assistance to low-income families

It’s no secret that legal help is expensive, and in many countries where workers have low or moderate incomes simply cannot afford the legal advice they need. Fortunately, there are free and low-cost legal resources available to help families with low or moderate to get the legal help they need to deal with tax issues, resolve problems with neighbors and stay protected income.


  1. Call the State Department of Welfare or the HR department. In most states the Department of Welfare serves as a center for low-income people looking for all kinds of services, from cash assistance and vouchers for food to housing issues and legal advice.
  2. Ask the representative of Welfare for the names of the law firms or lawyers that make individual pro bono work in your area. Many lawyers doing work for the poor without charge.
  3. Contact area schools to ask about the legal aid law. Law students often perform legal services for low income individuals and families. These legal services are provided under the guidance of experienced teachers of law, so you can be sure that the advice you get will be accurate and reliable.
  4. Log online and visit the website of Law Help. Click your state to search for free legal resources in your area. Contact each of the resources referred to explain your situation and get the help you need.