What is the role of Real Estate Lawyers

A lawyer is a person who acts in a professional manner, the legal defense of a party in a lawsuit, or proceeding. It also gives tips and advice on legal matters. A lawyer must be authorized by the state to practice, and / or enrolled in their respective law school.

A real estate attorney provides legal assistance or guidance on issues such as:

  • Edification
  • Communities
  • Leases
  • Dwelling
  • Housing Contract
  • Mobbing
  • Property Registry
  • Mortgages

The real estate lawyer will be responsible for mediating between the owner of the property and a third who wants to rent it, buy it or mortgage it. This intervention by the real estate lawyer wills also performing a legal contract that meets all the required features; get the most benefit for the tenant.

A big problem with property owners is the eviction causing losses for property owners. An owner who has invested, the last thing you want is that the investment does not generate profits or worse, will generate losses. Therefore, having a vacant or unoccupied property is always counterproductive. This is when the real estate lawyer fulfills its primary role and by his legal facilities, manages a contract (lease, sale, mortgage, etc.) can be done quickly and efficiently.