What to do if you lose your passport

The loss of passport is always a problem, especially if you happen in abroad. It is important to remain calm and know what steps should be followed in these cases so frustrating. Also, if you have stolen wallet or purse with your passport inside, you must carry out a certain formalities.


  • If you have lost your passport, the first thing to do is to notify a police station.
  • In case you have your passport stolen, you must go to a police station but to make a complaint. When you get this step to avoid any responsibility if someone made ​​improper use of your passport.
  • If lost or stolen your passport abroad, apart from the complaint, you should refer to the consular office or embassy in your country closest.
  • The next thing you should do is arrange a duplicate of your passport For this, you can go to the issuing offices. In the Spanish State the duplicate can be obtained in the above prefectures and police stations authorized to do so.
  • Abroad is processed in the same embassy or consulate, you can see here the relationship of these bodies in each country.
  • If you just need to renew your passport that is expired, see this other article on how to make an appointment to renew passport and thus save unnecessary waits and queues.